Friday, June 24, 2011

Tips For MTV WorldStage Malaysia 2011 Passes

well, in my experience, its all about your luck. luck luck and luck and u gotta follow your gots. Sometimes i click for like hours and hours and i got nothing. On this one time, i just click like 10 minute, i got the instant win. during that time, i wast believe that i win the passes.

To get the instant win is the hardest, i can say that for every 1000 click u might get 1 "instant win" and maybe 5 "stand a chance to win". Again i say, its all about your luck.

Other than that, u must have a high speed of internet connection. For brighter chance, u shud hunt the ticket early in the morning like 4am and also 6am where less people hunting for the ticket. I think its all i can share with u guys.


simple question asked, like me when is the mtv worldstage 2011 will be held
other question that ive answered is how long did 30sec2mars take to build thier new album
the other one is who came last year to perform during the mtv worldstage

win the passes and wait for the email

check ur email and dont forget to check ur spam if nothing in ur inbox. click the link

add ur address and also your country

wait for the ticket to be mailed to ur house


Fill up all the details and fill the "y u deserve to win the ticket".

wait for an email, if u r lucky, u will get ticket from this "STAND A CHANCE TO WIN"

Happy hunting for the #worldstagemy passes!
Gud luck


ABU said...

wah mcm best jak..:D

echaRierie said...

btw, u got it right congrats.. :D

fikri FAUZI said...

abu - best r bro..neon trees dtg kot.

echa - yes. thnx u..susah kot nk dapat. mmg luck tinggi kot

Anonymous said...

kasi aku satu ticket bro!

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