Friday, June 17, 2011

DiGi Leap Program(UNITEN)

Date : 11 and 12 of June 2011
Venue: Digi’s Headquarter @ D’House, Batu 3, Shah Alam
Participant: UNITEN Student(Putrajaya and Muazam Branch)

The DiGi Leap! program is a 2-day interactive student development program based on DiGi’s unique brand values and corporate culture, focusing on the values of

A lot of fun activities was held during this two day, all the participant enjoyed them self very much. As well as the food. It was delicious. Yes, i have learn at least something from this DiGi Leap program. We must be creative and think out of box. Do not afraid to make a change and the most important thing is to play with the rules as long as we did not break it. ;)
Now i know how the DiGi employees work. Seriously i wanna work with DiGi, if i got any chance by the way. Know what, they are forbid to wear tie or suit. Cool aite? They can wear anything as long as its comfortable for them.

Even their office only has only table and chair. Most of the table are clear with office staff. No computer, no filess and etc. This show how cool there are. The environment of the office is really santai!

Big thanks to DiGi for organize such this program and most thank to all of our moderator and facis, let me list down their name, mr.vasu, mr.niel , mr.p, mr.daniel, niqi, hakeem, farah, ikhwan, andrew, and all the others faci. Sorry if ur name are not listed.

Please like thig page yaallll DiGi Youth

p/s: credit to hanim for the photos


Anonymous said...

digi leap best, im from unisel.

ABU said...

seronok la dgn digi..aku tak pernah guna digi..:D
btw, smt pic kat atas..

fikri FAUZI said...

anonymous - wah, the previous u yg join digi leap ni kan

abu-im having a very great time there! ;)

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