Thursday, August 20, 2009

MTV world stage ;D

Listening to: Taylor Swift ft. T.Pain Thug Story
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Thinking: Test

this post maybe kinda old post..Last saturday, my friends n i went to MTV WORLD STAGE, it was awesome duh!! cool gile. all american reject blastoff fucking goddamn that day. ;DD. i enjoy the crowd. pixie lott,kasabian,boys like girl n a local band(estranged). i luv the crowd. very supportive. it was one hell of a nite. nasib baik dpat sludup masuk camera canon eos nix dalam tu. klu tak ta dapat la nk snap pict yg cun2 ni. even thought its raining that day, we really enjoy our self damnmuch.
estranged(local band)

pixie lott..luv youu!!

"its kinda raining rite now. you want some thunder" said martin johnson

hoobastank doing the reason~

"say yeah!!!say oo yeah!"said Tyson Ritter.
Tyson Ritter singing GIVE YOU HELL
kasabian make me mosh~

the hottest dj

i dude n nix ;D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Selamat Bergraduasi Pelajar uniten

Listening to: Lucky Laki - Supermen
Eating: Nasi n ayam panggang
Weather: Cool
Playing: Restaurant City

On 15 and 16 of augost, uniten will organise a convocation for student who has bees grad. pagi tadi ade rehearsal. gila grand doe. nwy, ive been involved in this big event playing gamelan. Dapat alaun, that the best thing. ;DD.

cant wait for tomorrow to perform. ;DD

Thursday, August 6, 2009

h1n1..alamak..uniten kne tutp pulak

Listening to: Kamran & Hooman - Khali
Mood: Home
Thinking: Sort of thing
Weather: Cool

yeay2..uniten kne tutup for like 1 week..uniten bukak balik 17 ogos kje aku kat tl pun stop gak la for a week..aku cuti..gile best oo..that is for now.

esok aku nk blk rumah yg dah lame aku tak blk tu. ;PP. rindu2.
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