Thursday, June 23, 2011

new lineup for MTV Worldstage LIVE in Malaysia 2011

The previous, MTV announce only 30 Second To Mars and also Pop Shuvit will perform on the Worldstage day, now, MTV has added 2 more group in the line who will perform during thay day. Its Neon Trees and Sensational K-Pop group Beast.

Neon Trees hits song are:
In The Next Room
The drummer of this band is a girl. cool aite.

Beast hits song:
Say No
On Rainy Days

thnx MTV for added these 2 groups. I hope MTV can invite again All American Reject this year here. Its gonne be will be a hell of night if MTV invite AAR again. ;)


echaRierie said...

eh..suka lagu neon trees 1983..
best !

LaLa said...

i love Beast <3
i love their song, Fiction :))

atieshariffuddin said...

minat korea?

fikri FAUZI said...

echa - same goes to me. ;)

lala - yeah, i luv it to

atie - boleh la.. hihi

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