Thursday, January 29, 2009

port dickson

Yesterday, my friend and i went to port dickson. i havent been there for long time since i stop study from UNITI College 6 month ago. We enjoy ourself there eventhought we did not tak bath there. We just build a sand castle but it was'nt finished because every time i want to build it, ecah n kikin destroy i. damn.hu3. I thought the water in PD was polluted. But it was very clean. I can see my leg in the deep sea. Actually i would prefer to swim in the river rather than sea. That the reason why i did not bath there. Here are some pict me n my friend there.


fakhruddin said...

didn't tell me huh?

eh nak ikut p genting x after final
jum trus p then stay 1 night
sabtu mlm baru balik

fantaghiro said...

lol lol lol..
besuke rie d pntai pule hee..

faris.a said...

wahh!! bezz nyerr1 :)

M.Haikal said...

ramai gler org dkat pd.

adik manis :) said...

cm seronok jee.

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog . keep in touch yaw ;)

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