Saturday, January 24, 2009

ac disini ac di sana

Last teusday(13 january 09), my friend and i went to watch AC di sini recording session. It was held at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Actually, Mia persuade us to go there. UNITEN sent 2 buses as the audience. We depart from UNITEN around 7pm and reach there 30minutes after this short journey. This program was conducted by the Wawasan Club. After we reach, we took our seat and enjoy the hilarious room. That night, the guest for AC di sini were David Teo and Julia Hana. The way David answer the question asked by Ac make us lought until crying. Now i learn alot of new word from him such as "menterjatuhkan" and "kuali" which suppose to said "kuali". After more than hor there, the program was finished. We take this chance to snap a pict with ac and also Suki as the Singer Guest. We enjoy there. After that, we back to UNITEN. I hope this club will be succesfull. Here, i want to share few of picture me there. If u can find me in those pictures, cheers 4 u.

mia, if u got another call for another programm dont forget us (fik,dud,naz,haikal,irwan,ehsan,apeas,fad,aim,ecah,lily n ekin)


afifahramli said...

mao komen??
bagos2 krn update~

tade lagu br best2 ke?
ko kn sumber2 lagu ni..

fikri FAUZI said...

tade la..
aku dah lme tak update lagu..

MIA lara said...

ak xlupa korang.

ko yg salu lupa aku.

btw,ayat "Mia pERSUADE..." tu cam nk kene lempang!

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