Sunday, August 1, 2010

tradisional game

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venue-rugby field COIT
time-830 - 1230
date-31 august

its been a long time i didt play the tradisional game. s i remember, the last time i play all that staff was during my primary school. i still remember i play seek n hide and "police n 3" with my friends after school hour. heck! i really miss the old times. thanx to COIT for organising this event. unfotunately, the contestant wast many as stated in the fb invitional. only 6 group participate whisch consist of 5 person each. the best part is we got free t-shirt. "kau ade?".

we play "galah panjang, african game, baling selipar, boling kelapa n dougch ball". even though my team was lose in that event, we do really enjoy our self bloodymuch.
african game. idk bout this game until yesterday

play "cari2 barang"

hey you holding the bottle. who r u ha? hahaha

omg, kaki ayam n baju besar..hahaha..n has cap besar.. ;P

yeah! wancha, muke tak mandi. xD

douche ball. camon cat.

rugby girl..phewwiit.

fatimah n arina si urussetia.

pendeker mustar. mr champian.

on the evening. MTV WORLD STAGE baybeyh!!!!!!!!!will be updated soon

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FaizalSulaiman said...


aku pon da lama tak main traditional games ni:)


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