Sunday, August 1, 2010

its MTV world stage 2010 baybeh!

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sunway surf beach
31july 2010

last saturday, the day has come. my friends n i went to sunway surf bitch. its MTV world stage 2010!! 4 artist came to perform. bunkface, wonder girls, tokio hotel n my lovely katy perry. all the performance was fucking awesome. its was like a hell of night. 8 hours standing with rain falling, its doest matter at all. i really enjoy the crowd.

bunkface and tokio hotel drive the croud crazay. wonder girls just too wonder that night while katy perry was superduper hot babeyh. cant wait for mtv worldstage 2011. around 1230am, we decide to back, we miss 1 final performance from wonder girls. its ok. thnx to mtv for organise such this event!

katy perry!!! way too hot baybeh

tokio hotel. oyeahhh

wonder girls. bloddy cute!

katy perry perform "i wanna see ur peacock..cock..cock..cock.."

the hottest vy. i forget their name except vj UTT


its phone photo. so, the pixel wast that good.

nwy, thnx kudin for the photo.


fakhruddin said...

you should have brought DSLR that day! haha

fikri FAUZI said...

tu lapasal..kalau aku tau boleh bawak..aku bawak je hari tu

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