Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tag From Amin

Listening to: Eminem - We Made You
Mood: Study Mood
Playing: Facebook
Watching: Korea Movie(A Millionaire's First Love)
Thingking: Final XM

listen folks!5 things of mine
5 names that friends call

1. eki
2. fik
3. fikri
4. rahmat
5. kri

5 most important dates in your life
1. 12 may 1990
2. 8 jan 2003
3. 13 may 2009
4. 31 augost 1957
5. 1 januari 0001

5 things you have done yesterday
1. eating
2. chatting
3. facebooking
4. myspacing
5. blogging

5 ways to be happy
1. listening to music loudly
2. talk to ppl
3. be alone
4. sleep
5. online

5 gifts you would like to receive
1. money worth 1,000,000 ponsterling
2. new lappy
3. car(mini cooper)
4. DSLR camera(alpha 350 or nikon D60)
5. my own house

5 favourite hobbies
1. listening to music
2. hangout with friends
3. watching tv
4. photographying
5. editing photo

5 places you want to go for vacation
1. japan
2. korea
3. france
4. indonesia
5. london

5 favourite drinks
1. carbonate drinks
2. TOA
3. milo ice
4. syrup ice
5. ice blanded

5 things you always found in your room
1. lappy
2. cupboard
3. lamp 
4. fan
5. bed

5 favourite colours
1. blue
2. purple
3. red
4. yellow
5. green

5 favourite bands
1. Ahmir
2. Muse
3. MCR
4. FOB
5. The Beatles

5 favourite people
1. everyone who love me
2. ppl who treat me well
3. anyone who kind to me
4. besties
5. LEOnairats

5 hangouts
1. mamak stall
2. pavilion
3. mid valley
4. alamanda
5. my own room

5 person you love so much
1. any person who love me too
2. mother
3. father
4. friends
5. LEOnairats

5 reasons you answer this survey
1. it
2. a must
3. to answer
4. the
5. tag question

5 persons who you think will answer this survey
1. Hasliza
2. Shen
3. Teeka
4. Reen
5. Pija


aminsahari said...

grand btol hadiah kau fik..
hihihi.. xP

Syafiqah Nabila said...

kite nak curik la
tag ni

fikri FAUZI said...

klu la hadiah tu btl blh dapat.
best giler!

ish3.tak baik mencurik

Anonymous said...

eyh fikri, we shared the same "ways to be happy" listen to music very the loud! and place to hangout is in my room too! yeahh gimme 5!

fikri FAUZI said...


FIVE! take it.

nurateeka said...

eeeeeeh!! millionaire's first love!! huhu. citer tu sangat sedey~ TT___TT

hasliza h. said...

fik..super ring sold out la tadi.. sorry x dpt nk send kat amanah. next time la ye? haha :P

fikri FAUZI said...

tu la teeka.smpi nangis2 kot tgk tadi.

hahaha.tipu la sold out. hahaha.jk je la tadi tu has. ;PP

hasliza h. said...

hahhaha..mmg ah.. ade plak super ring sold out..tak usha pon kat pasar mini jasa tu..lol :P

weyh study la dowh..quiz kot.. online je kje!

fikri FAUZI said...

tgh study la ni.
stdy phyton.
jgn lupe buat tag tu!
i nk tgk. so, invite la tuk tgk ur blog!

hasliza h. said...

"Ingat dpt?" hahahaha!

afifahramli said...


ak ngn pija pon die ta bg tgk..
igt ko dpt?


fikri FAUZI said...

gile kerek minah ni.hahahahaha
kan peep kan??

hasliza h. said...

kecah btol la!

fikri FAUZI said...

anubody?.tolong cari kat dalam kamus dewan ape maksud kecah??

afifahramli said...



haa.. anubody tu ape lak?

anybody, what's "anubody" means?


fikri FAUZI said...

biase la.
mne ad yg perfect kan.

afifahramli said...


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