Sunday, May 3, 2009

award from Izzatul Saffarah(imboo)

Listening to: Sean Kingston - Fire Burning On The Dancefloor
Mood: Mixing
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: H2o
Thinking: MUET test(Oral)
thnx for the award ya boo
this i smy third award since i blogging. i would reslly apriciate it damn much doehh!

5 comment about Izzatul Saffarah(imboo)
  • nothing much to say, but die ni rajin update blog. keep it up ya.
  • simple blog. i like.
  • setiap entry ade pict. i like
  • pelangi2. i like
  • kinda cool song doeh. i like


Boo™ said...

wah,cun blog kamu ade award KUNING neh..
time kaseh utk ulasan itu..
maju berblogging!

fikri FAUZI said...

thnx nwy.

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