Sunday, April 12, 2009

yeay2.david archuleta.bloody cool.

Listening to: David Archuleta - Touch My Hand
Mood: Pokai
Drinking: h2O
Weather: Kinda rain
Eating: Meggi

Today, im off to Sunway Lagoon to watch David Archuleta Live In Malaysia. Nabil took me n Naz at UNITEN around 11.40am. At lasta, we all arrived gak kat Sunway Lagoon tu. The concert suppose to start at 3 pm. But guest what, ktorg yg smpai dalam pukul 12 setengah pun da kne que up like 1 km from the entrance. Gosh, da la panas. Crowded gilevavi pulak tu. Bepeluh-peluh ooo.
After long que, we enter the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. We took our seat n wait for David. Before David's performance, few local artist appear. Aliff OIAM, Daniel Malaysian Idol n a kinda new Artist but i forget what his name. He is not famous at all. Hak3. The concert was hosted by JayJay n Ian. the Dj of Ni la artist, klu datang tak pernah punctual. David come almost an hour late. But i think it worth it with his singing. He is singing 6 song. 
  • Crush
  • A little To Not Over You
  • Touch My Hand
  • Dont Let Go
  • A Thounsand Miles
  • Angels
Eventhougt im not a big fans of David, but i do enjoy the crowd. Audience in the Amphitheatre like going insane. The enviroment was really hilarious. Ppl seem like screaming all the time jerit2 "David, David". hak3. When it come to David Archuleta performance, all the audience trun dari seat atas n ke tempat VIP kat depan are really full with the audience. But, we really enjoy it. Yeay3. That the way i like. ;P. Then we back home. Tired lol. Standing for hours. Ere are some of our pict there.

Guest what, we all have to que up for almost 1 km to enter the entrance.

Heading to the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

Me with Nabil.poyo2.hak3

Nabel n Naz along the Elephant Walk

See the crowd of David's Fans

Aliff OIAM singing "Akan Tiba"

Daniel Woo sang 2 song before David appear.

Ian(dj The host.

David singing "A Thousand Miles"

OMG, ur voice is superb! ;P

David with the keyboard

wow, audience wowed by him!

With Misya Omar. yeah3.jgn jelous!

Ppl otw back.yeay.ramai nyer org

Jay Jay(hitz fm DJ).you rock dude.see, all hot girl wanna flirt with u.hakx


suraya said...

gle cute david,,

afifahramli said...

touch my hand..
such a cool song..

eksen ko ngn misha..

Indera said...

wah besh la u bro!
david is a new artist tht comprise wif talent n his super-cutie look!
nice post LOL

fikri FAUZI said...

cute ke?lol ;P

yeah3.lagu tu best gilleh. misya yg poyo nk amik gambar ngn aku la.hak3

ty indera

Mohd Nazemy Ibrahim said...

terima kasih kamu
sebab blanje saye
best glew even aku berpeluh je
panas thp vavi

ape2 pon
i crush on david archuleta

afifahramli said...

gile perasan kau..

PoOhEm0 said...

syiok tol la fik ri nie noo...

fikri FAUZI said...


baboon^albino said...

best btol dpt gie tengok concert dia..ahaks!! :)

fikri FAUZI said...

but kinda tired.
n berpeluh2.

fakhruddin said...


bukan ko ekey, tapi archuleta keh3 x]

[~ killerzonboard~ ] said...

heheh =p
heyp eki.. ko pg mnatang nie kne byr ke?
jz askin..
brpe ek byr?

sj je tnye..
cz aku nk memoyo ngan ko cz david archuleta dtg skul aku..
our skul was da 1st place he visit juz after he arrived in malaysia...

hahaha =)

fikri FAUZI said...

i know.
KDU kan.
bayar kot.
tade la mahal sgt.

M.Haikal said...

pergh.ramai nak mampos manusia bersepah.
comel misha omar.

ainil hawa said...

comeyl sgtt
david ye..u..emm..hahah
eyt..tyme amek gamba gn misya x u amek gamba gn dye + 2 other boys..??
theyre my senior at school..heheh


fikri FAUZI said...

yezza.ade kot

Anonymous said...

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