Friday, April 3, 2009

hangout COIT

Song played: Keith Urban - Kiss A Girl
Watching: Keith Urban - Kiss A Girl(Youtube)
Mood: Happy
Stomach: Full

this is COIT(college of IT)

Today, nothing much to talk. This is my first n3 for this month. Yeah3. Update gak. Today i woke up a little bit earlier.This is because of the "huha" song played by ehsan. Thnx ehsan for wake me up. LOL.If im not mistaken he has repeat Thingking of You thounsand times since yesterday. He already stuck on that song. Btw, just wonder, who you really think of?jk jk. Thnx god i luv that song. I thouught my class start at 9am but act not. it was 12 nanti. So, i decide to lepak2 kat COIT. Act i wanna see my self Alpha 350. My future DSLR. Heck, Finaz doest bring the camera today. "La, aku lupe la, lain kali la bawak." said finas. Nvm. Then i n haikal walking around the COIT and heading to the CLub. No no no. Now im in the lab. Onlining. Yeah3. After this im having my math class. Got quiz o. Wish me luck then. That all for this entry. ttyl

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