Wednesday, April 1, 2009

im stuck on "locked in love"

Hearing to: James Baum - Locked in Love
Chewing: Mentos Mint again
Mood: Lazy
Self condition: Full n starving
Doing: onlining
this is James Baum
Gosh, this song was stuck in my head. Im gilegilevavi addicted to this song. Heck, I even repeat this song hundred times. Anyway, as Dud stay in our apartment yesterday for lepak2, he download this song. Thank alot Dud. You are "My Song Updater".LOL. He said that Locked In Love was a veryvery good Eng song that come from Malaysia. If im not mistaken James Baum stayed in PJ as i surf throught MS to find his profile. I do fall in love in this song throught the first heard.Hak3

I love when this song gets to the chorus part, I was totally wowed. With deep techno hooks, the chorus was a "killer!" Not an impossible task if you ask me considering the fact that 'Locked in Love' is an amazing track. Im totally addicted into this song now. Another track of James Baum is Soldier and Evolusi KL Drift ft Mahathir. So, download and enjoy the song folks. hakx

P/s: perhaps, you can give me any new title of song.
click here for lyric guys.


Mohd Nazemy Ibrahim said...

aku un tepanjat senanye
ingat mat saleh mane la kan
lagu dye bpk punye sedap

skali norg malaysia lakan
dok pj lak tuh

p/s:aku dgr lagu nyh
same byk ngan fik
u know y?
sebab aku satu bilik ngan dye
semase aku komen nyh
lagu yg tgh aku dgr ialah
rihana:bad girl

fikri FAUZI said...

lagu die soldier tu pun buleh tahan doe.

afifahramli said...


send la kat ak

ainil hawa said...


lagu dye best best :DD

afifahramli said...

maseyh fik..

fikri FAUZI said...

great song.

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