Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chelsea Training Session for Asia Tour 2011

Venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil
Date: 19 July 2011

Suasana stadium hingar bingar dengan bunyi vuvuzella. tak kurang juga dengan bunyik pekikan suara yang menjerit "drogbaa!". macam la drogba kenal kau kalau kau jerit2. haha, no offence.

this time around im manage to get passes to go to the training session after being offended because of not be able to attend the training session of liverpool n arsenal. ere are few photos during the training session that i snap over there.

what would it be if i wear this jersey during this session? would rooney mention me in his twitter?

1 comment:

IMANSHAH said...

Ayooo..gud lurk la Chelsea ye

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