Tuesday, June 16, 2009

day out, yeay!

Listening to: Keri Hilson - Mic Chick
Mood: Rush n tired
Playing: Restaurant City and My Space
Weather: Cold
Thinking: Buku Program

After having being tortured by all this stuff for couple of day(kerja amanah), Teeka fetch me and Amadood at UNITEN to mingle around 1pm with her black vios. We actually decided to go to KL after having a confusion to decide wheather going to Subang or KL. At last we make a choice to mingle at KL. YEAY! We really having such a great time there. First we arrive there, we took our lunch at Mc Donald. During our lunch, at first, Dud realise a guy act kinda gayish. He is a chinese guys who flirting a Arabic guys. OMG. such a shame you know. WTF!.ish2. That is my first time saw kind of situation. Its public ok! donchu have your dignity!

After that we plan walk to Pavi to watch a movie titled Drag Me TO Hell, unfortunately Teeka aka Kak Teeka not used to watch this horror type of movie. Then we decide to watch Terminator Salvation. After bought the ticket, there are like 1 n half hour gap. So, we lepak2 n giggling first at the lepak side in Pavi. And we really enjoy our movie. The effect was vogiethevast! SUPERB! je t'aime beaucoup.

Then we took our dinner at bangi. Restaurant Sharifah. After that Teeka send us back to UNITEN and Dud back to his home(ye ke kau blk).hahahaha :D Thank especially Teeka n Dud. ;P. Teeka, tomorror dont forget to fecth me ya. Nk pegi lepak alamanda jumpe Alicia kan? ;D
.me, "kak teeka",dud.


M.Haikal said...

xbujang arh tgk terminator.

fikri FAUZI said...

ni spe pulak ni.
m.haikal ni.

dillaa said...

haha.terminator best kan?kan?kan? X)

nurateeka said...

haha. aku sdri pn tak jumpe rummate aku tadi. maleh aa. duk umah lg best. naikkan gourmet points. haha. aku nak lawan points ko ni Fik!!

fikri FAUZI said...

lai lai lai.

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